At Whelan Builders, we specialize in constructing high-end, personalized homes and renovating luxurious apartments. Regardless of the size or scope of the project, be it a new construction or a complete renovation, our primary objective is to bring your dream home to life.


At Whelan Builders, we specializes in both constructing new buildings and carrying out comprehensive interior and exterior renovations. We take great care to ensure that all work is conducted in accordance with the specifications and designs provided by our architects, while adhering to safety regulations and staying within the terms of the contract, schedule, and budget. Our day-to-day activities encompass a broad range of tasks, including overseeing our labor force, procuring and receiving necessary materials, and maintaining constant communication with all involved parties, including our clients.


Our focus is on constructing bespoke luxury homes and renovating opulent apartments. Whether your project is a major ground-up build or a complete gut rehab of an existing space, our aim is to make your dream home a reality, regardless of its scale or scope. 


At Whelan Builders, we place a high value on preserving the architectural legacy of exceptional homes. As builders, we recognize the historical importance of these structures and collaborate closely with homeowners to safeguard their integrity. Our team takes great pride in the scrupulous preservation of landmark homes, ensuring that their unique character endures for future generations to appreciate.


We place significant emphasis on multi-unit housing, including interior and exterior renovations as well as new ground-up developments. Whether the project involves rental properties designed for investment or the development of condos, this is an essential component of our business.